What Do You Know Now That You Wish You'd Known Then?

No one knows parenting like moms.  We’re in the trenches, day in day out.  We make sure the “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” are dotted.  There’s no one in the world better to ask advice of, than moms who’ve been there, done that.  We asked our Birmingham Moms one question: What’s the one thing you wish you’d known when you were a new parent? This is what they had to say:

Regina V. – Not to get suckered into buying so much stuff. You really don’t NEED as much as companies try to convince you of. Wish I could have ALL that money back!

Jennifer M said: Two things primarily that would have saved alot of money:

1. Waterproof baby mattress pads will save you from having to replace many ruined mattresses from upset tummies, and other “accidents”.
2. Investing in a carpet cleaner first thing will save you from having to buy new flooring later.

I have 3 kids!

Ruth D. said: I wish someone had told me that you will be irritable and tired and want to scream and that is ok to feel that way.And then tell them how to properly handle that frustration.

Bonnie Y. said: The zip up sleepers are a life saver at 2 AM when you don’t want to fumble with 20 buttons

Kerry L. said: Hold the baby. Stop resisting the urge because the scheduling book says to put it down. You blink and that wee thing is grown. Just hold it.

Christi W. said: I agree with Kerry, hold the baby, rock the baby, love, love that baby! Don’t worry about keeping the house clean, or that the baby ate 3.5 oz rather than 4! Babies don’t keep– they grow up waaayy too fast!

Rachel M. said: Accept any offer for help-whether its to cook, clean, or watch the baby(or babies in my case!) while you nap! Its okay to accept help!

Rebecca S. said: two things.
1. Labor & delivery plans rarely go how you think or want.
2. Once you have a little one, the invites to dinners/parties may be less, especially from your single or no-children friends

Sheila W. said: Enjoy every second good and not so good…it all goes way too fast

Carolynn W. said: You are NOT a bad mommy, if at first you don’t feel overwhelmed with love for your baby. With some women it takes time(like me).

Amy L. said: That even with all the excitement of a new baby, you will be EXHAUSTED!!! I fell asleep practically everynight in the glider nursing my daughter(4yo now) . Promising myself to NOT repeat with my son(20m now) which I did and who just like his sissy still needs momma to get to sleep! Time for SLEEP TRAINING!!!! Or it will be too much when the time come for a third blessing in my life! Take a nap any chance you get, I always was cleaning! REST REST REST:)

Annabelle B. said: Put the baby down for a nap two hours after it wakes up. I read that when my first baby was three months old, and I tried it and lo and behold, he was on a schedule within two days. I was so mad no one had told me before that two hours was the magic number! Worked like magic with my second too!

Aimee G. said: Put your baby down drowsy instead of asleep. You’ll thank yourself when your kiddo is two or three and you are no longer rocking them to sleep

Amber B. said: Sleep when the baby sleeps!!! Don’t feel like you have to keep up with the housework, laundry, etc. along with a newborn. If you sleep and you’re sane, it will all go much better.

Lisa M. said: New toys are so expensive and you can get hardly-used ones for pennies at yard sales. You will not have any time to go to yard sales after the baby comes so try to go while you are still pregnant. It was nice to have age-appropriate toys on hand when my son finally became ready for them.

Amanda I. said: Think of nursing as quality time together instead of something you “have” to do. You’ll be glad you had all that time together later on!

Paula W. said: No need to buy dreft detergent to wash only baby clothes in. Buy Tide free and wash everyone’s clothes! Works the same!

Dedra S. said: I wished someone would have explained night sweats and post partem more thoroughly. Nobody talks about night sweats. I thought I was coming down with the flu. The night sweats happened with both children and the nurses acted like I was crazy when I couldn’t stop shaking or get warm enough. Additionally, I was definitely very emotional and hadlots of weepy days about a week after birth with both children. While I read about it and knew it would happen, nothing really prepared me for it…and though I knew WHAT it was WHEN it happened, I couldn’t stop the thoughts or feelings from creeping in. I felt like a crazy lady for a few days and nothing really helped until the hormones were out of my body.

Sarah B. said: I agree sleep when the baby sleeps. Always. Also, don’t buy the diaper genie or the wipe warmer. They won’t get used. Or not for me for sure. Also, I changed him on the floor, the bed, the couch…didn’t matter that I never bought a changing table.

Jane W. said: Enjoy the little moments, they are gone in a blink of an eye…..the laundry will always be there, cleaning floors, dusting…but your babies won’t !

So, what do you know now that you wish you’d known then?

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  1. How about that you will hate your husband at first when the baby comes and that it goes away… and that as others said you buy WAY too much crap with your first..heated wipes..seriously (what do you do around the rest of the house or when your out and don’t have a plug in wipe box?!

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