M.D Speed Dating with Brookwood Medical Center

Brookwood Medical Center is giving you the chance to spend a little one on one time with their M.D’s. This round is for those of you looking for an OB/GYN – We all know what a painstaking process choosing a Dr can be. How great of an idea is this style of Meet and Greet?

Show up and get to meet 5 board certified Doctors. You will have about 5-7 minutes to spend with each of them and ask them your questions before moving on to your next “date.”

If you’re new to the city, or looking to make a change this is the perfect, no pressure way to help you get some information on some local Doctors and meet them in person.

If you plan to attend you will need to reserve a space by calling 205-877-8800. Lunch and a Brookwood Gift bag will be provided to guests. Here’s the skinny:

Tuesday November 2
Noon – 1:00pm
Gold’s Gym in Vestavia off of Hwy 31

Make the most of your interview by having your questions prepared in advance, print them out and take them with you. Here are a few sample questions you might like to add to your own list! Happy Dating!

  • What is your philosophy of pregnancy care, including labor and birth, and performing c‐section?
  • How many births have you attended?
  • If you’re in a group practice, how often will I see other practitioners? Will they handle my care as you would?
  • How long is the average wait in your office?
  • How do you handle routine phone calls if I have questions between visits?
  • How can I reach you in an emergency?
  • Which prenatal tests do you routinely recommend?
  • What kind of childbirth classes do you recommend?
  • If my pregnancy becomes high risk, what changes might I expect in my prenatal care?
  • Will you meet me at the hospital when I check in, or when I’m admitted, or sometime later?
  • Who will be in charge of my care if you’re not there?
  • Will you stay with me throughout labor?
  • What drug‐free measures do you suggest to help me deal with labor pain?
  • How many of your patients forgo chemical pain relief? How many choose an epidural?
  • What do you think about routine continuous fetal monitoring, IVs, and other interventions?
  • Does hospital policy limit who’s in the room with me for labor and birth?
  • Are you comfortable working with doulas if I decide to hire one?
  • Under what circumstances would you perform an episiotomy?
  • What percentage of your patients have c‐sections?
  • Will I be separated from my baby after the birth? If so, when, why, and for how long?
  • Will you, or someone on the staff, provide breastfeeding support?

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