UPromise, free money!

If you don’t already have a UPromise account started, get one now! If you’re planning to buy anything at all, it can most likely be credited to your UPromise account. For example, if you plan to buy something from Target or Walmart online, you open the target link through Upromise and 3-5% of your purchase will be placed in your UP account. Simple!

An even easier way to go is to use your grocery card to rack up on the things you already buy. It may be a few pennies here and there, but it adds up. I started mine 2 years ago, and we have close to $1000 saved up in it! Granted, that is with the Upromise credit card. But some of my consistent purchases (Coke, Eggland’s Best Eggs, etc) are part of the plan and I usually make around $1 per $35 purchase.

There are even restaurants in Birmingham that participate: La Paz and Mudtown Cafe being a few. When we eat there and use our Upromise credit card, we get 3-8% cashback. Here’s a list of participating restaurants.

Renting cars, buying plane tickets… another way to save. My husband travels for work and we make his arrangements online after linking through Upromise. This combined with holiday travel plans has made us quite a few dollars!

It’s a great program, everyone should check it out. You can choose to let your savings go into an already established college account or just use the UP one. You can even link Grandparents’ and friends’ grocery cards to your account. There is college money out there, don’t let it pass you by!

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