Tuesdays 52 New Things – Week 2

This past week was full of firsts for us. Since we were all in New York together for most of the week, we decided to combine our list into one.

If you’ve been reading then you know that we were participants in the audience of the “Martha Stewart Show.” Attending the taping of a talk show was a first for all us. Trish really racked up since this was her first trip to New York, her list is lengthy. World Trade Center Site, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, first time to almost die in a NYC cab, all the usual’s for a first timer.  Jamie and I added “top of the rock” to our list of new things for this week, riding up 70 stories to the top of Rockefeller Center was truly a breathtaking first. The city view was amazing, we would recommend this on your next trip to the Big Apple.

We ate at some of the most incredible restaurants while we were there, Shake Shack, Da Nico’s, Les Halles, and Cafeteria to name a few. It was a first at all of these eateries and it won’t be a last.

Next week will no doubt seem dull in comparison to a trip like this, but we will try our best to make things somewhat interesting!

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One thought on “Tuesdays 52 New Things – Week 2

  1. Yum. I’d probably do nothing but eat if I went to NY. Of course, I pretty much just travel to eat. 🙂

    I am moving my link up to Thursdays…just a better day for it for me & it will get us closer to the same time frame. I’ll post my #3 on Thursday this week & everyone will have a week to link up their #3s. Or does that just confuse things?

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