Tuesdays 52 New Things – Week 1

Welcome to our first edition of 52 New Things! Where we’re going to try a new thing a week and share it with you.  We hope you’ll do the same and share it with us!  Here are the results of our first week (last week):

Angie –

My New Thing for this week is a fashion trend I’ve been refusing to embrace. Leggings. I’m not sure If I thought I was too old, not the right shape, or afraid of going against something that both Tim Gunn and Stacy London frown upon. I already have enough fashion “don’ts” in my closet to land me on a seasons worth of What Not To Wear…. At the encouragement of my friends I finally caved and bought a pair in black, and what can I say except that I absolutely LOVE. THEM. I have probably worn them 4 times in the past week. They are actually very practical for a Mom of 3, who knew? A long sweater, leggings and boots are almost (almost) as comfortable as my yoga pants!

Trish –

My new thing for this week was repurposing a table.   I just so happen to be in the middle of redecorating our guest room into a playroom/guestroom combination.  I was looking for ways to create play areas for the play room portion of the room, but I didn’t want it to look like a typical toy room since our guests will be sleeping in there.  And since my son needs a train table desperately, I decided to make a nontypical one.  I used our old kitchen table which is pub style, so all I had to do was cut the legs off.  Then I positioned the leaves in the table to make it a square and placed a screw through the middle so the leaves no longer move.  (We worried they would pinch fingers with any moving parts.)   And might I say, Martha move over!!  Our train table is unique and free!

Jamie –

My new thing this week was cooking with turnips & leeks.  Something that until last week, I’d managed to never do in my entire life.  Shocking – and how unexciting – but this is the life I live 😀  I made a fabulous “clean eating” version of chicken pot pie that was one of the most incredible “comfort” meals I’d ever had!  So good and so good for me.  (You can find the recipe in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Clean Eating)

If you’d like to participate in 52 new things along with BirminghamMommy, Birmingham Bargain Mom and many others – please join in by posting your new thing to your blog, facebook or on twitter (use #52newthings) – Also, you can head over to to link up every Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays 52 New Things – Week 1

  1. Leggings – check!! (one of man’s greatest inventions!)

    Table for playtime – check!! (DH and I built one for Sweet Pea’s for Christmas…who knew I was handy?)

    Leeks and healthy eating – check!! (Started a month-long fast that includes no sweets, meats, breads, or vino…all my favorites! I’m feeling better and am enjoying the concept of “sacrifice”. And, I feel like a super sexy mama in my leggings!)

    Love the 52 new things!! Hmmm…what’s mine??

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