Top Nursery Trends

If you will be decorating a nursery any time soon, then stick around as we talk about some of the top trends gaining steam from 2020 or making their way on scene this year.

Wood Accent Walls

While we have seen reclaimed barn wood fade on in the last two years, wooden accent walls are still as popular as ever. Consider an abstract wood design or full colored wood panels. Plus, these can be extremely affordable to DIY!

Woven Accents

We saw woven blanket baskets in nurseries everywhere last year, but this year, woven accents will become increasingly popular. Think cane, wicker, and rattan furniture and accent pieces. You know you’ve been eyeing that gorgeous woven light fixture!

Muted Rainbows

These neutral toned, or muted, rainbows were a hit last year with DIY’d arches popping up all over TikTok during quarantine, and they are still on fire this year. You can find the pattern in stores on textiles or opt for the popular hand painted arch behind the crib.


Wallpaper is back in action, but it can be overwhelming to install. If you love the look of wallpaper but aren’t quite up for hanging it at 8 months pregnant, consider using decals. Decals are incredibly easy to use and can also be placed in a pattern to mimic the look of wallpaper.


For those that love the stars, you are going to love this new celestial trend. With deep blues and blacks paired with metallic accents, it creates a cozy nursery ready to lull any baby to sleep.

Earthy Baby

Not surprising, the earthy trend seems here to stay. With creamy beiges, warm browns, and dusty pinks, this color palette is extremely popular. Add some pampas grass in a clay pot and some of those woven accents from above, and you have the perfect earthy nursery design!


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