Tips for Dyeing Easter Eggs with Tiny Humans

Dyeing Easter Eggs is an Easter tradition in most homes, doing it with tiny hands can make it a bit difficult. Here are a few tips and tricks when working with tiny humans.

First of all I’m going to state what might be an obvious rule but in case you have a lapse in judgment like I may or may not have had… Never leave your 3 year olds alone at the counter where they can reach the dye while you quickly change a load of clothes over from the washer to the dryer. The laundry can wait…. Just Sayin’

1. An easy way to get natural colored eggs is to dye brown eggs, keeping your white eggs for the brighter colors.

2. Boil the perfect egg by using these tips from the wonderful Martha Stewart

3. Make easy stripes by using rubber bands. On plain eggs for white and colored eggs, or dye once, rubber band, then dye again.

4. If dyeing with several toddlers, try using a “trough” type system rather than tiny cups. Fill aluminum loaf pans about 1/4 full of water, 1 dye tablet is plenty. You can soak multiple eggs at a time. Less chance for spillage.

5. Use crayons to draw on the eggs before dyeing. Wax is dye resistant so it will leave behind a perfect little drawing, it’s also a great way to write names on the eggs.

Dyeing Easter eggs would be a great outdoor activity if weather permits, just remember lots of newspaper, or plastic drop cloths and smocks will help keep your kitchen intact and clothes somewhat maintained.

Happy Dyeing!

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