Tips and tricks to make the most on your consignment

Children's Clothes at Consignment SaleNo matter which season it is, it seems like Consignment Sales always sneak up on me!

If you’ve been considering selling but don’t know where to start, keep these tips in mind. First of all, breathe. Getting started is the hardest part. Once you get your system started, you’ll be Rockin’ and Rollin’ like a pro. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by mounds of clothes, it’s easy to do.

Wire hangers will be your new best friend, find a good supplier and hit them up, like now! Make sure to read over the rules of the sale that you will be participating in, each sale has their own guidelines. Some accept the wire hangers with the cardboard, some do not.

Here some additional tips for selling:

–          Clean and pressed items sell best

–          Name brands always sell best.

–          Items should be stain & odor free

–          Make sure to follow the rules & guidelines for each sale to make sure your items sell and you are able to make more money!

–          If you would not buy the item for your child, it may be better just to donate that item, rather than consign.

When it comes to pricing, remember a good guideline is about 1/3 of what you paid for it. Brand names or items new with tags will get a little more.

While we are frequent shoppers at stores like Target, I will not purchase a used t-shirt for a dollar less than what I could have bought it new. Save yourself the trouble of tagging it and just donate it.

When it comes to shopping, consider volunteering. Volunteers who help work the sale get to shop first and get some of the best deals. Also, be sure to arrive early.  At many of the more popular consignment sales a line will form in advance of the opening door time and whatever you do have fun!  Consignment sales are a good place to find great deals while helping out local preschools and those who sell at consignment sales.

Have any tips or tricks you’ve picked up from participating in consignment sales? Share with the class!

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