Throwing the Ultimate Baby Shower

What’s the coolest baby shower you’ve been to?

As  women in our prime child-bearing years, it seems as though:

A.  Everyone we know is trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant, or having a baby

B.  Everyone we know is trying to get pregnant with their 2nd/3rd/4th baby, getting pregnant with their 2nd/3rd/4th baby, or having their 2nd/3rd/4th baby

There are adorable and unique ways to celebrate the arrival of a first baby as well as 2nd, 3rd, etc!

1.  Have a different kind of baby shower–  Let someone else take care of all of the overpriced baby clothes.  Have a baby shower where the attendees either bring a homemade freezable dish, or let them all show up and prepare freezer-ready food for the mom-to-be.  Everyone loves spending time in the kitchen with a glass of wine and their best gals!  If you don’t have space or prefer to have all the prep work done for you, try Birmingham Bake & Cook.

2.  Don’t feel like you have to do the typical baby shower “stuff.”  Look for themes and decorations that aren’t the norm.  Baby chicks, frogs, ducks… they’re standard in the baby shower world, but don’t let that limit you.   If the mom-to-be is the type who digs vintage items and antiquing because she appreciates the timelessness of things, try The Baby Gardner.  If she’s a mom who loves to rock, have a rockin’ mama theme!  Might I suggest an international food baby shower with photos of babies from every culture accompanying the food?  (I’ve been to one, it was delicious!)

3.  Ditch the shower and have a Gender Reveal Party!  Get your ultrasound technician to put the gender in a sealed envelope.  Have your friends and family join you for a casual good time.   Get the betting pools going– make wagers on boy or girl.   Then open the envelope and share the special moment with your nearest and dearest.  It’ll be something they’ll never forget because they were allowed to be a part of such a big moment.

First baby, fifth baby… who cares!?!  It’s such a wonderful time in life, the only thing that matters most is to celebrate it with the people you love.

3 thoughts on “Throwing the Ultimate Baby Shower

  1. That freezer-food idea is absolutely perfect. The last thing parents want to think about (or have time to think about) is cooking dinner when a new baby is in the house. BTDT (three times! — brave me).

    Great ideas!

    Autumn at favorsbyserendipity

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