Think Outside the Gym: On the Go Workouts for Moms – The Beach

By: Erin Holtz

Summer is Here! Everyone will be traveling for vacations to get away and unplug. While on vacation most of us tend to take in a few extra calories from foods and drinks that we normally don’t get in our diet. And our normal workouts get thrown off while we are away from our normal routine but there are no excuses when you have wide open space full of sand. The beach is a great place to throw in a short workout to burn some calories, keep up your endurance, or change up your normal routine.

A beach workout is a great way to stay in shape. Sand provides less stability and it also absorbs more shock than a hard surface. Therefore you recruit more muscles and you decrease the impact on your joints. So grab a towel and a flat area of sand and get ready to burn some calories so you don’t add on those extra pounds while enjoying some fun in the sun.

Complete these 6 exercises back to back without stopping 3 times. If you want to up the intensity, grab one of your kids sand toys and add in a sprint between each exercise. When finished enjoy a dip into the ocean for a cool down.

15 Squats or squat jumps
15 Push-ups
15 Walking lunges
15 Mountain Climbers
15 In and Outs
15 Star jumps


Jump Squats
Push Ups










Walking Lunges
Mountain Climbers










Ins and Outs
Star Jumps









Most Importantly.. Enlist some help from the tiny humans, it’s a great way to spend some time together (and add a little resistance to your work out!)

About Erin:

Erin is a Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer, business owner and a mom/ With a degree from The University of Alabama. She now has pursued her dreams and opened up her own local gym in Vestavia Hills, AL named Pure Fitness LLC and is working one on one with her clients, as well as teaching group classes. She specializes in cardiovascular endurance, plyometric training, core strength, rehabilitation after an injury, pre and post term pregnancy, weight loss, strengthening and toning, as well as maintaining a structured nutritional diet.

For more information or to check out their calendar of classes, visit their website.

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