Think Outside the Gym: Stand Up Paddle Board

By Erin Holtz:

As a busy mom I am always on the go. Rushing from place to place and squeezing in a workout whenever I can. As I eat standing up at the kitchen counter while I am feeding my son, the dogs, and my husband I am always trying to think of ways to get away and unplug for a short period of time.

Thankfully I live close to a body of water and have found my new escape from reality, Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I can leave my phone on dry land and get away from whatever life has thrown at me while enjoying God’s beautiful creation.

I leave feeling refreshed, rejuvinated, and ready to tackle what was left on dry land and my mind is cleared of all the things in the past. I have slowed down from rushing and feel a sense of calmness. Doing a workout on the paddle board is not just any ordinary exercise it builds your core strength and gives you the challenge you need to change your body as well as take away all the equipment and machines for just a short period of time.

A week ago I got the opportunity to unplug and headed out to Oak Mountain for a quick Paddle Board Workout. Join me as we strengthen and tone while trying to improve balance. Next time you are at the lake, beach, or river and are able to rent or borrow at Paddle Board you can unplug and enjoy this workout.

Paddle Board Workout:

Start on your knees and paddle out to open water
Hold plank  (count to 60)
20 Mountain climbers
10 Push-ups
20 Mountain climbers
10 Push-ups
20 Static lunge on right  (start from knees)
20 squats (add jump if balanced)
20 Rock side to side (do not lift feet)
20 Static lunge on left  (start from knees)
20 low squat pulses
20 In and Outs (sitting)
20 Russian Twists (grab paddle)
20 In and Outs (sitting)
20 Bicycles
Hold Boat Post (count to 60)

About Erin:

Erin is a Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer, business owner and a mom/ With a degree from The University of Alabama. She now has pursued her dreams and opened up her own local gym in Vestavia Hills, AL named Pure Fitness LLC and is working one on one with her clients, as well as teaching group classes. She specializes in cardiovascular endurance, plyometric training, core strength, rehabilitation after an injury, pre and post term pregnancy, weight loss, strengthening and toning, as well as maintaining a structured nutritional diet.

For more information or to check out their calendar of classes, visit their website.

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