The Seven Day Plastic Reduction Challenge, with My Green Birmingham

Beginning on April 16th, My Green Birmingham will launch a 7-day Plastic Challenge encouraging a community wide reduction in everyday plastic use. Plastic contributes to a great variety of significant threats to many different aspects of life and to our environment. These issues range from significant waste and pollution to our landfills and waterways, to toxic threats to our human health.

We truly believe that incredible change can be made possible when people rally together to help make a difference. Fueled by this notion, this challenge asks Birmingham area residents to pledge a commitment to seven (7) days of reducing their everyday plastic use. More details are available at My Green Birmingham, where you will also find a series of  articles exploring the risks and consequences associated with society’s heavy dependence on disposable plastic products. They will provide valuable tips and suggestions via social media and other resources regarding methods in which consumers can avoid and reduce their plastic use, and even enjoy an easier transition into plastic alternatives.

A grand prize winner and two additional winners will receive valuable prize packages including items from local businesses and non-profits, as well several plastic alternative products, such as Kleen Kanteen steel water bottles.

Participation details:

1) Demonstrate. Save your daily plastic waste (recyclable and non-recyclable) and document it daily or as many times until Earth Day, April 22nd, 2012. Record it via photo or video, and then share it on Facebook.

2) Think. Start considering different methods of how you can reduce your plastic use.

3) Transform it. Put your brainstorming into action and change your plastic use habits.

4) Share your experience and inspire others by talking about the improvements you have made!

Example: Before the Plastic Challenge, I typically purchased 6 new, disposable plastic food storage containers each month, costing me an average of $120 a year. Now I use six glass storage containers and with good maintenance, may never have to replace them.

Example: I used to buy individually wrapped items for my children’s lunches. Now I buy snacks in bulk and separate them into small reusable containers. My family has seen a significant decrease in our overall use of plastic packaging.

How will you limit your plastic usage over the next 7 days?

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