The Scoop on Callaway Gardens

The Butterfly House provided us with lots of "OOH's" and "AAH's"

BirminghamMommy took a week to experience the Summer Family Adventure at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA.  I will sum it up in 5 words, summer camp for the family.

1. Balance: This was the perfect vacation for everyone because there was plenty to do and plenty of relaxation time. There are 2 kinds of vacationers, the do-ers and the relax-ers.  I am a relax-er and my husband is a do-er. All kids, by nature, are do-ers.  This vacation actually changed me a bit, I’m now 25% do-er!  I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment from tackling the flying trapeze just as much as I loved lying poolside reading a book.

2. Variety: With balance, you must have variety. The schedule for the SFA came out and made me absolutely giddy. The kids and I sat and talked about all of the options we all had. We were all excited and it felt like we were all going to summer camp!

3. Dual purposes: The kids hit the day camp from 9-3 everyday, which means you have a couples vacation for half the day. It’s a great way to spend some time focusing on your spouse. And you miss your kids so evening family time becomes really special. The bonfires, plays, bird shows, circus viewings… all of those things took on an even deeper meaning because I appreciated that time with them. And I will admit, getting a break from one another made us all more appreciative of each other.

4. Unique: This is not your typical vacation- it is very focused on the family aspect while still respecting the individual’s perspective.

We highly recommend the Summer Family Adventure– we loved it so much we stayed an extra day!

A vacation they'll remember forever!

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