The Lost World of Dragons at McWane Science Center

Opening June 18th at the McWane Science Center, The Lost World of Dragons explores the histories of these legendary beasts and the cultures that celebrate them. This unique exhibition features life-size animatronic dragons with realistic movements and sound, as well as interactive displays that take guests through the stories of dragons throughout history.

Visitors will be able to:

-Learn about dragon mythology and it’s origin around the globe.

-Discover the connection between dragon myths and legends and scientific inquiry, literature and the arts.

-Explore ideas and concepts through a variety of interactive displays and exhibits.

-Invent their own dragon stories by creating unique, stop motion animated videos.

The exhibit feature includes Animatronic and Robotic dragons, A Dragon virtual reality experience, Dragon dig site, Bellows hatchery, puzzles, scavenger hunts and more!

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