The Best $10 You'll Spend All Summer!

You know when we come across something we love, we have to share! We’re so excited about this discovery, we’re about to pop!

Recently a friend and BirminghamMommy Fan tipped us off to the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center. She had heard about it from a friend and suggested we go one day. I got online to do a little digging to see what might be worth the quick drive north and was intrigued by the idea of a “Mini Water Park” at a very low cost.

Here’s the deal.

For $10 per person, you can purchase a day pass that will give you access to the entire facility. (We were told this does not include childcare for non members.)

They have what they call a “Water Playground” that has 2 bigger slides, a lazy river, splash area and a small slide under a big “dump bucket” that goes off every few minutes.

They also have a large outdoor pool with diving boards if you’re into just swimming.

The layout is simple and if your kids are a bit older, can roam in the area and still be in your sights. We counted 6 lifeguards on the “playground” area with another, 2 or 3 on the outdoor pool.

The facility is nice and clean, and offers a concession stand with reasonably priced concessions like hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers and fries. A hot dog, fries and large coke cost $5.00. (There is a sign that says outside food and drink are not allowed.)

They open at 10am and have several large umbrellas for being able to set up in the shade. But you have to get there early to score those. They seem to have plenty of seating and it never got crowded enough to be uncomfortable. They also have a couple of cabanas available for rent for $125 for the day for up to 5 people. Our only issue with the cabanas was, they are located on the far side of the large outdoor pool so seeing your little ones play in the “playground” from there wouldn’t be possible.

So that’s it, our summer find! Maybe we’ll see you there because we’re definitely going to go back!


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