Teacher Picks: Summer Workbooks

As excited as we all are for summer, don’t let your little one be a victim of “summer slide.” Some of the skills they’ve worked so hard on can be forgotten while they’re relaxin’ in the sun. Here are some Teacher Picks for Workbooks that also fall in line with the new Common Core standards:

1. Daily Series, entering grades 1-6- Daily Language Review, Daily Reading Comprehension, and Daily Word Prolems all offer kids a very short, daily practice. Buy the grade your child will enter in the fall unless they’re advanced, and then buy a grade up. These books are very basic and they don’t teach, they reinforce. Each lesson is 5-15 minutes long.

2. Guiness World Record Reading Books

These books have been leveled for grades 3-5 to use for comprehension and vocabulary practice. The stories are enthralling- from the world’s tallest snowman to the dog that pops the most balloons, kids will love the content. This is great for readers who bore of generic stories that are too standardized.

3. Didax, Math Problem Solving Skills

This is a new series thatĀ builds confidence in kids’ ability to solve problems by teaching them to uncover what needs to be done rather than simply looking to apply a specific strategy. Each book has over 50 activities involving spatial visualization; logical reasoning; interpreting, organizing and using information; strategic thinking; using patterns; proportional reasoning; and more.

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