Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is here! That means more time with the kids home and more outdoor activities, here are some tips on keeping your family safe and your home in tip top shape!

Update your first aid kit:

More time is spent outdoors in the summer months.  We spend time in lawn and garden maintenance and athletic activities. More accidents happen and you want to be prepared.

Preparing meals for BBQing is popular. This means a lot of slicing, dicing delicious meats and vegetables and firing up the grill.  Consequently, fingers and hands get cut (and burns happen).

Be prepared and update your first aid kit.  Consider having a smaller one with you for outdoor outings and those family weekend getaways.

Change smoke alarm batteries:

Experts state you should change your smoke alarm batteries every 6 months.  If you haven’t changed your batteries in a while now is a good time to replace them.

They also recommend you replace the smoke alarms every 10 years.

Inspect and repair outdoor play equipment:

Everyone is looking forward to fresh air and getting outdoors. Make sure your little ones are safe playing out the outside equipment.

Give your outdoor equipment some attention and ensure they’re safe and secure.

Check the surrounding areas for safety hazards too.

Reorganize your kitchen:

Think about how your kitchen is used during the various seasons.  With the change in seasons and activities now is a good time to adjust and organize your kitchen accordingly.

Are there appliances you use more in the summer than the winter and vice versa?  Move your appliances accordingly.

Also, creating stations can be a great idea.  Create easy to grab snacks and lunch items for the kids.

Create an iced coffee or smoothie station for an easy to make summer treat.

Keep a basket with summer essentials:

Keep a basket filled with sunscreen, insect spray, shades, hats and caps near your front door.

Rather than run around your home looking for these items make it easy for everyone and make these items easy to grab and use as everyone’s heading outside.

What other summer tips can you share?

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