Summer Activities for Kids

It may get hot here in the south during the summer but kids just don’t seem to mind. Here are some activities to keep them busy¬† while school is out. Make sure to keep the little ones hydrated and lathered in sunscreen.

1. Create a backyard water wonderland! Baby Pools and sprinklers galore. We like this idea for parents with multiple aged children. You can put the itty bittys down for their nap while keeping the older ones happy with outdoor time. Have a water balloon fight, or have some fun with ice cubes! Try some icy building blocks – Sprinkle a little salt onto an ice cube and press it onto another ice cube. The salt will melt the ice slightly and then it will refreeze to hold the two together. Stack the ice cubes to form a pyramid, a wall or other structure.

2. Hit up the local pool, waterpark, or splash pad. Something different than your own back yard will be a happy treat. Pack a lunch and lots of liquids and sunscreen. Combine your water fun by going to places like the Birmingham Zoo or Desoto Caverns. They have lots to do and you can finish up with some fun in their on site splash pad.

3. Take a hike! The Birmingham area has a lot of options when it comes to hiking. Oak Mountain, Ruffner Mountain and Moss Rock to name a few. Create a nature scavenger hunt before you go for a little added fun on your hike.

4. Pick some fruit. Sure going to the farmers market on Saturday morning is the easy way to get some local fresh and seasonal fruit, but loading up the kids to pick some of their own will definitely be more fun. Visit this site for a list of where to go.

5. We’re bound to have some rainy days. If they are in fact just rain, let them play outside, kids love to splash in puddles and will be thrilled that Mom is throwing caution to the wind. If you’re stuck indoors, try making some ice cream, or frozen drink concoctions. Make a fort in the living room, pop some popcorn and have a movie date. Dance parties are always popular in our house and you can do that rain or shine!

How do you pass the summer days and keep it exciting for the kids?

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