Spring Cleaning Challenge with Stanley Steemer

Spring cleaning never felt so good! We’re here with a 4-week cleaning challenge to give you the motivation to get your home as fresh as the springtime air.

Let’s kick off week one and get organized! It’s always easier to clean when starting with a blank canvas. By organizing first, you’ll make it more manageable to clean rooms and surfaces with less clutter.

– Organize cabinets & drawers – Discard products no longer being used – Organize medicine cabinet & pitch expired bottles – Replace toothbrushes – Replace old towels

Pro Tip: While normally used in kitchens, Lazy Susan’s are also a great hack for bathroom storage. Never lose sight of bathroom products or cleaners!


– Organize food storage containers – discard any that no longer have lids – Discard expired items from fridge and pantry – salad dressings, spices, baking items, etc. – Minimize countertop clutter by storing away what you don’t use on a daily – air fryers, crock pots, etc. – Replace water filters

Life Hack: An ideal time to clean your fridge is before you go shopping, as this will allow you to dispose of any unusable food and free up more space for new items.

Living Room

– Organize entertainment center and untangle outlet cords – Pitch old magazines, used candles, etc. and store other items away – Store away seasonal decor

Did You Know: Decluttering and organizing can also help release stress. A clear space helps to also clear your mind.


– Clean & organize nightstands – Organize closets and donate clothes that you no longer use – Store winter wardrobe and bring out spring & summer clothes

Rule of Thumb: Don’t keep clothes that you haven’t worn in 12+ months, kitchen or bathroom products that have expired, or any inventory that has not served you well in the last 12 months

Any Part of House

– Remove items from desk drawers, clean, & organize – Organize entryway/coat closet – Discard, donate, or sell unused/damaged items – For clutter that can’t be cleared, compile like items and devise storage solutions – baskets, bins, hooks, etc. – Empty trash in all rooms

Check back next week for all things revamping and refreshing!

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