Spring Cleaning Challenge Week Two

Revamp & Refresh! After decluttering and organizing, you can move on to cleaning by room! Entryways, living room, and kitchen cleaning are the name of the game for week two.

Entryways & Whole House
– Scrub baseboards & walls
– Sweep & mop hard surface floors
– Vacuum carpet & rugs
– Dust all surfaces – ceiling fan blades, tops of doors, blinds etc.
– Wash windows & windowsills

Mopping Tip: For hardwood floors, mop in the direction of the wood grain. For floors with a more textured surface, wipe in small figure eights. Additionally, always use a neutral pH-balanced floor cleaner. Acidic, multi-purpose cleaners can leave a layer of residue and cause damage overtime.

Living Room
– Vacuum couches, sofas, & chairs
– Dust electronics including laptop & TV screens
– Dust & polish wood furniture, surfaces, mantles, ceiling fans etc.
– Dust & clean all décor – pictures, vases, floating shelves, etc.

Cleaning Hack: To remove dust from blinds (or other hard to reach places), run your fingers along each slat wearing a pair of cotton gloves. This picks up dust as you go and is easier than using a duster.

– Clean stove top, inside of oven
– Clean inside of fridge & freezer
– Polish/wipe down all appliances
– Clean microwave & clean out toaster
– Wipe down outside of fridge
– Wipe down & disinfect all counters
– Scrub backsplash
– Scrub & disinfect the sink area
– Wipe down cabinets & drawers

Pro Tip: Maintain a clean oven by placing a larger sheet of foil on the rack below the cookware to catch food, crumbs, and grease that bubble over. Make sure not to cover the entire bottom of the oven as this may cause an uneven distribution of heat.

If you missed week 1 and want to jump in on the challenge, you can get caught up here with week 1! 

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