Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3

Revamp & Refresh
Make way for week three! Crank out these cleaning to do’s for your bedroom, bathroom, and dining room.

– Wash bedding and linens
– Put dirty clothes in hamper
– Clean under bed
– Dust off furniture and wipe down
– Fluff pillows & make bed with fresh linens

Cheat Code: To freshen up a comforter without washing, place in the dryer for 5-10 minutes on “air fluff” with a dryer sheet. Dust and dander will be shaken from the linen and be picked up by the lint trap instead. The dryer sheet will help add a fresh scent.

– Clean countertop and sink
– Scrub & disinfect toilet
– Scrub & clean shower
– Wipe down mirror
– Wash toothbrush holders
– Wash bathmats, shower curtains and liners
– Wash hand towels

Quick Hack: Vinegar can be a used as an inexpensive cleaner. A paper towel soaked in white vinegar rubbed around the faucets of the sink can help remove water deposits and limescale. Not suited for encrusted faucets of any kind (especially gold)

Dining Room
– Dust lighting fixtures
– Wipe down table and chairs
– Vacuum off chairs
– Wash table runners
– Clean and polish center pieces & other décor

Easy-Peasy Trick: Lint rollers are a handy tool for cleaning on the fly. Use a lint roller to easily pick up fur from upholstered parts of dining chairs and even gently dust-off lampshades, curtains, etc.

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