Spring Break Ideas- staying in Birmingham


Drive-in Movies- Fun and different, and no one will hear your kid asking/demanding more candy! There’s one in Argo and Harpersville– close enough to come home that night, but far enough to feel “trip-like.” Only open Fri-Sun.

McWane– We all know and love it, but just in time for Spring Break they’re opening Naturescope AND offering dinners with Dora and Diego!

There are the usual places- Birmingham Zoo, Sloss Furnaces, Botanical Gardens, Aldridge Gardens… Those are fabulous places that we have at our fingertips but maybe we need to see a new side of it all!

To spice up your “normal” stomping ground, try doing a new adventure. Make a checklist of scavenger hunt items for the kids. Let them explore and look for things. We made this simple one pictured, all with photos from the website so the kids could find the exact animals. Make the week memorable!

The Tuscaloosa Barnyard


45 minutes away, so it feels like an actual “trip” to the kids, and to you as they scream and fight in the backseat. You can hit the Barnyard for some fun with farm animals! Family owned and operated, this place is great. Animal petting, boat rides, pony rides, and more! Then there’s the Children’s Hands on Museum, CHOM. It’s huge and will keep the kids entertained for hours. If you have time, you can hit up the Watermark Outlets in Bessemer. There aren’t many left, but there’s a Gap!


Tigers for Tomorrow is an exotic animal park and rescue preserve, home to over 100 animals including 17 tigers, 14 mountain lions, 4 African lions, and 2 black leopards. As a last stop preserve, the animals that come to live here will remain here for the rest of their lives. Spend the day with the kitties!

Wanna get out of town?  Check this out!

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