Spotlight on Child's Play Therapy Center in Birmingham

Any parent who has ever had a child who needs speech services, or any service really, knows how terrifying it is. It’s hard to know that your precious kiddo needs help, and to feel helpless because you can’t seem to fix it yourself. My son had a speech delay due to decreased hearing (ear infections GRRR!) and it has been my biggest challenge as a parent. Once we realized the hearing was the problem, we had tubes placed in his ears and immediately began speech therapy services. Then came the next scary part… there isn’t much information locally about helping kids with speech problems. I began searching and searching and decided to share a resource that I found, Child’s Play Therapy Center in Hoover.

Child’sPlay Therapy Center provides a multitude of different services to kids and adults. The goal of play therapy is to to provide the highest quality therapy services in an environment of compassion and respect. Services provided include speech therapy, occupationaltherapy, physical therapy, music therapy, parent workshops, and academic services. They also provide small groups and summer camps. CPTC is not a clinical environment and has no waiting list usually. They file insurance for you and are very flexible in scheduling.

Another interesting service they offer is “Handwriting Without Tears,” which is like a workshop on handwriting skills. I had never heard of this and it seems to be such a unique offering to our area.

If you are looking for services or have questions, give them a call.

Child’s Play Therapy Center
3057 Lorna Road, Suite 220
Birmingham, AL 35216

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  1. This looks like a great service. Good speech-language pathology services are hard to find, due to the shortage of qualified SLPs, so people often spend a long time on waiting lists, which can be frustrating.

    If you are lucky enough to live near a university with a speech-language pathology training program, another possibility is to get therapy through a training clinic attached to one of these schools. You can find a list of graduate SLP programs in the United States at, the web site of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

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