Spotlight on Children's Photography

There are so many photographers out there vying for your business… and all they ask in return is the contents of your wallet! Here at BirminghamMommy, we have found a favorite photographer in Birmingham. She is priced reasonably, as she is a mom herself and understands the financial demands that children place on you.
Images by Jeri is a local photographer that will come to your house or meet you on location and work wonders! She has photographed for us and we have been ecstatic with her results. The charge is a $75 session fee, and the prints are extremely affordable. In comparison with chain places, you may find that you have more “good” pictures to choose from. Her website has a complete listing of prices and a gallery to view.

Our other option is Jason Wallis. He is a nationally known photographer based here in Birmingham. His work is phenomenal, to say the least. He’s not cheap though. The session fee alone will be in the several hundred dollar range. He may be one to save for though!

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