Spicing up Lunchtime!

School is officially in swing!   If you’re like me, you start out the new school year with uber creative, delicious, healthy, and cute lunches.  Then rushed schedules, hectic mornings, and forgotten grocery shopping come in.  So here’s a couple of fresh and fun ideas to keep lunch fun.  And the great part is that they’re simple and take no time!

Puzzling Sandwich cutters– These cookie cutters turn an ordinary PB&J into a fun eating experience.  No kid can turn these down!

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags– You may want to keep these for your own lunch.  The original purpose is to discourage co-workers from swiping your food.  Your kids can also enjoy the fun– what 9 year old boy wouldn’t LOVE this bag?!?

Don’t forget our Kids Sushi ideas! We’ve got everything from Peanut Butter and Fluff to Cheese Sticks and Sun chips. It’s a little more effort than a discouraging lunch bag but well worth it!

How do keep lunches from getting boring in your house?

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