Social Distancing Fun at Central Alabama Paintball Park

Hello! Have you ever tried paintball before?

I used to be scared to try it, because I thought it would hurt to be hit but my parents found the perfect solution by choosing a low-impact paintball arena. If you are looking for paintball, rather than pain-ball, Central Alabama Paintball Park (CAPP) is the place to go!

When we went for Father’s Day, The CAPP staff and games were very friendly and gave instructions that were easy to follow on loading, shooting, and safety. Everyone wears a mask and children have the option of wearing a chest pad for added protection. When you aren’t in an arena, you must have the safety lock on and a barrel covering your paintball gun. We got to play games in several different outdoor arenas and hid behind limos, airplanes, cars, and other obstacles.

After each game, we visited the awesome hydration station where we could drink water and feel a cooling mist. Even the day after, I barely had any marks where I was shot and nothing hurts ! Paintball doesn’t need to be painful, though it sure is paint-ful!

This is a great event to do even during quarantine as players must maintain 15 feet from each other in order to shoot. They also do a great job cleaning and sanitizing equipment. It was an all-around great experience and I would love to go again whenever I can!

About Emma:
Emma is 13 and about to start 8th grade. She loves reading, basketball, movies and cats

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