Simple (& recycled) Christmas Chain Decorations to Make with Your Kids

Don’t throw those wrapping paper scraps away.  We repeat: Don’t throw them away! You can make a really sweet holiday decoration from them that the kids will not only love to make, but will love to display.  Like last weeks “Simple Salt Dough Ornaments“, we’re trying to take a simple approach to Christmas this year and spend as much time doing things with the kids as possible – with little money spent.

Christmas chainJust as with any other paper-chain project, assemble your materials: ribbon, tape, paper – this time your wrapping paper scraps.

Cut the paper  into strips of 6-8 inches long and begin assembling them together one by one with a little tape.  When you have your desired length, attach a nice ribbon on each end for hanging.  Done!

Of course, after I had everything hung just right, my 1 year old made a dash to swipe the chain – so we had to relocate it out of reach of those tiny little fingers.  Happy Holidays!


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