Signs of a Gifted Child

Admit it. At some point, everyone thinks their child is gifted. It’s hard NOT to think your little angel is a future Picasso or Einstein. There are some signs that you should be aware of, because parenting a gifted child can sometimes be more challenging than you would think.

Some signs are:

1. Advanced development– walk or talk early? self-taught readers?
2. Thirst for knowledge– take things apart? bore quickly of new toys they figured out?
3. High activity– super active? needs less sleep?
4. Cautionary– hold back in new situations? test the waters?
5. Sensitivity– criticism is taken personally? empathetic to others?
6. Reality vs Fantasy– distinguish between the 2 early?
7. Insight into social/moral issues– highly developed social conscience? Concerns with matters like war, injustice?
8. Reasoning and Manipulation– understand benefits of lying/cheating? Manipulate adults?
9. Individuality– sometimes seen as odd? learn in different ways?

Find a child psychologist to perform an evaluation, or wait until your public school begins testing. If your child is gifted, here are some suggestions for how you can get more involved in parenting your gifted child.

Educate yourself: Get up to date on studies and keep them on hand so you have something you can suggest to your school.

Talk with your teacher: Don’t just assume or accept that your child is “bored.” Discuss their placement and curriculum with the teacher if you feel that it’s inadequate or not appropriate.

Join forces with other parents: Work together with other parents or the PTO to establish enrichment or mentor programs in the school.

Outside Enrichment: Look into programs around the city such as summer camps. Visit the local museums and see what concerts and plays might be of interest.

Here are some online resources to consider:

Fun Brain
Games and more organized for grades k – 8 plus web books and comics, fun blogs and sections for teachers and parents.

A web search page organized by librarians, kids can sift through everything from facts and references to the weird and mysterious, sports, entertainment and academics.

For grades PreK – 6. Play lots of games, make crafts and more

Ace on the Case: Secrets@Sea
Children grades 4 – 7 can learn about marine life through this mystery solving activity.

Offers lessons and practice sessions in short, step by step interactive activities for all grades in reading, math and more.

Discovery Education
Brain boosters, worksheets and assistance in all academic areas.


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