7 Stroller Friendly Paths in Birmingham

Getting outside in the beautiful weather is a must for this summer! Here is a list of 7 stroller-friendly paths you can find around Birmingham.

Lakeshore Trail – One end: 1280 Columbiana Road, Homewood, AL 35209, the other end: Brookwood Boulevard and Brookwood Village Road, Homewood, AL 35209

Lakeshore Trail has a paved pathway that goes for 2.5 miles along a creek. It’s surrounded by lots of trees and water. This trail has lots of shady spots that are perfect for a walk with your kids.

Railroad Park – 1600 1st Avenue South

Railroad Park has an amazing view of the whole city, as it is in the heart of Birmingham. The park has an outer loop that circles the park for 3/4 of a mile. Play areas are also scattered along the pathway. 

Aldridge Gardens – 3530 Lorna Road, Hoover AL 35216

This beautiful park in Hoover has beautiful scenery with lots of things to do. Features of this park include a pond with ducks and turtles, picnic tables, and several paved paths. This park is perfect for strolling around and taking everything in!

Hillsboro Trail – 101 Appleford Road, Helena, AL 35080

This paved trail in Helena goes along a railroad bed along its two-mile stretch. Along this trail, you will find lots of cool tunnels and bridges! This trail is a great option for Shelby County residents that don’t want too far of a drive from Birmingham.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens – 2612 Lane Park Road

The Botanical Gardens have so many options for exploring with the kids. The garden has small waterfalls, bridges, and a shady route to the Japanese gardens. All of these fun areas are easily accessible for strollers. 

Vulcan Trail – Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S Birmingham, AL 35209

Vulcan Trail is an off-road trail that is 2.2 miles long and connects Vulcan Park to Green Springs Highway. This paved (to gravel) trail gives you a beautiful overlook of the Birmingham skyline while also giving you the feeling of being in nature

Heardmont Park – 5458 Cahaba Valley Road, Birmingham AL 35242

This park in Oak Mountain has a paved trail over the Cahaba Valley Creek, with bridges overlooking the water. All points of this trail are easily accessible. With lots of cool shade under trees and rocks for climbing, this park is loads of fun!

What local path or trail is your favorite when getting out with a kiddo and stroller in tow?

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