Scrap Paper Easter Cards

If you’re looking for a cute and easy Easter Project to do with the kiddos, give this a try. Being that I have a room full of supplies from past (and failed) crafting attempts, we actually had everything we needed on hand to make these. So raid your scrapbook materials and get started!

What You’ll Need:

Misc Scrapbook Paper, the more textures the better
Scrap Ribbon and string
Buttons or other notions you may have stashed
8 1/2 x 11 White Card Stock
Glue/Glue Stick

What you’ll do:

Fold your card stock in half
Rip up the pieces of your scrap paper – size and shape does not matter
Cut your ribbon and string – Length does not matter

Glue all of your pieces on to the front of your card, when it’s dry, cut into the shape of an egg. Leaving the left side partially together so it opens like a card.

You can free hand your egg or google search a template and find a bunch to choose from.



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