Robots + Us at the McWane Science Center

The Robots are here!! We got a chance to check out the new Robots + Us Exhibit today at the McWane Science Center and we are certain your tiny humans are going to love these new area.

Your child will be able to investigate futuristic fun when the Robots+Us exhibit opens at McWane Science Center Saturday, February 8th. Robots+Us takes a playful look at what machines and humans are learning from each other and how biology and engineering are coming together to close the gap between reality and the future. With its memorable, hands-on exhibit components  and interactive computers, Robots +Us will give you a unique chance to separate  science fiction fantasies with today’s technical reality.

Robots +Us offers many exciting exhibits. The Robot Arena invites you to the home of light sensitive robots while watching the impact that beams of light have on the paths they take from point to point. The face recognition exhibit shows  visitors how a computer can be programmed to recognize the features of the  human face. Guests can then try to trick it by disguising their faces with a fake moustache or goofy mask. Finally, my personal favorite. The chance to actually race a robot arm. The exhibit asks who can put a simple puzzle together the fastest? You or the robot arm?

If you want to find out.. Head on down to the McWane Science Center and see if you’re faster than a robot..

Robots +Us will be located  on the third level and will run through May 11, 2014. Cost of the exhibit is FREE for members or included in the price of admission!

Photos By: Scott Butler

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