Riverchase TNT Spring Consignment Tips

It’s the time you’ve been waiting for… The “TNT To-Go 2.0”, the 2nd VIRTUAL consignment sale is coming up!!  Although we all had high hopes that we would be able to do in person shopping for the Spring, the Organizers of this sale feel that this is the safest option for shoppers, consignors, and volunteers.

Here’s what you need to know:

The virtual sale will take place February 22nd- February 26th with item pick-up the following week. If you’re looking to consign there are still a limited number of spots available, you can register here.

Here are some great tips for determining what to sell this consignment season:

Tip 1:

Is the item high quality? All items must be clean, free from stains, odors and not outdated. Check to make sure there are no holes, rips or tears in the fabric of any item. This includes, clothing, outwear, strollers, etc. The best rule is to not sell something you wouldn’t buy yourself.

Tip 2:

Is the item functional? Test all zippers, buttons, snaps, latches, etc. to make sure they’re all secure and work well. If the items requires batteries, make sure the batteries are fresh, and the items is working properly. (items without batteries will not be accepted) All items must be working and functioning as intended. All items will be checked at drop off and any items not working properly or missing parts will not be accepted.

Tip 3:

Is the item neat and clean? Take your items into the sunlight and make sure they’re not dirty, dingy, overly worn out or faded. Look at your items in both natural and indoor light if possible. Some spots won’t show up with just indoor lighting but will become miraculously visible in the sunlight. Ask your friend to give your item a sniff, seriously! You want to make sure there are no strong smells attached to your items. We grow accustomed to smells in our own home that shoppers may not be fond of. Remove scuff marks, dirt, crayon, food stains, etc. A Mr. Clean magic eraser will become your new best friend. it works wonders on the surface of most toys, bikes, baby gear and more! A little effort to freshen up goes a long way!

For more information on the Riverchase TNT Sale, make sure to follow them on social media!

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