Review: Let's Play Birmingham

With the weather being super hot these days, I’ve been looking for ways to keep the kiddos cool and busy, but not at home where they tend to fight constantly about every. single. thing.

I’d heard about the new indoor play place, Let’s Play Birmingham, which opened just about 2 weeks ago, and thought it was a good time to give it a try. I was cautiously optimistic as I made the drive down 280. Last time I took my kids to an indoor jump place they were ready to leave 15 minutes after we walked in, I was a little worried that at ages 9 and 7, we might have outgrown the indoor play facilities… Fortunately, I was worried for no reason.

Let’s Play Birmingham was super clean and packed with fun for kids of all ages. They had a small ropes/obstacle course with zipline, climbing wall, several large slides and a pirate ship themed play area that my kids didn’t come out of much. Inside the Pirate Play area, there was a trampoline, obstacle course, big slide, ball pit and more.

If you have a little one in the family, there was a separate area just for them. The open-ness of the space makes it easy to manage multiple children playing in different areas, and they use the Chuck E Cheese stamp system so the kids can’t escape (in theory) and your stamp will be checked and needs to match your kids in order to leave.

They have several birthday rooms and my kids have already started planning for next year.

They do have a small snack counter with candy, popcorn and a cooler with drinks and ice cream. One of the things we love most about Let’s Play is that once you pay and have been stamped, you are free to come and go throughout the day. If we would have had more time today, we would have left to grab lunch and gone back to play for a bit longer. The crowd really thinned out around noon, so if you’re looking to go when it’s less busy, maybe grab an early lunch and then head over.

While we loved most everything about Let’s Play, there were a few drawbacks. If you go first thing or shortly there after, be prepared to stand in line. We arrived around 10:30 and the line was out the door. I believe this is in part to the newness and also the current system in place to enter your childs information in order to sign the waiver. Save a step and do this online before you leave the house. You’ll only have to enter your info once, but you will have to sign in and sign the waiver on each visit. This can all be done from your phone/computer ahead of time and we highly recommend taking advantage of that. We were told that the possibility of an app is in the works to help speed up the process.

Currently there is no wifi, so if you’re planning to work there, keep that in mind. They do have a charging station for your phone which you’ll surely need if working from your phone is an option. It will drain quickly.

The only other complaint we had and actually heard from some readers as well, was the seating for parents. While there are plenty of places to sit, it’s not the most comfortable seating you’ll find. A few high top chairs and little padded bench seats scattered around.

Over all, it’s 2 thumbs from everyone. My kids had a blast, were worn out and ready to go back before we even got out of the parking lot.

Let’s Play Birmingham is located on Hwy 280 just past the Home Depot in the TJ Maxx Shopping Center.


Monday – Thursday: 10am – 6pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm

Walk In Prices:
2 and under: $6+tax ($7+tax on weekend)
3 and older: $10+tax ($11+tax on weekend)
Happy Hour Play (Last business hour each day) $5 +tax

Head on out and check them out.. Let them know BirminghamMommy sent you!


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