Review: Huggies Organic Diapers

Huggies has released a new line of Pure & Natural diapers and we had a real mom test them out! The new diapers are hypoallergenic, offer unbeatable leak protection, are made with organic cotton, have aloe vera, and are fragrance free.

Here’s the lowdown:

The diapers are great!
-they have an area in front that dips down to keep from irritating the umbilical cord
-very soft and comfy to the touch
-equally as absorbent as any of the other premium brands I have used
-had no leaks, even overnight!
-We did have a couple of poopie leaks, but they were the explosive infant breast milk kind that I don’t think any diaper could contain. (Oh yes… we know those kinds!!!)

Our real mom’s conclusion was that she would recommend them and has even purchased a package of them now that she has tried them.

The great thing about Huggies is the coupons. You can always finds tons of coupons online, in the mail (get on their mailing list), in grocery stores, and in newspapers.

Want a FREE SAMPLE so you can see for yourself?

*Special thanks to Little Man Evan for trying the diapers out!*

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