Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic BeastsWhen my mom told us that we were going to see Fantastic Beasts my face lit up. I wanted to see this movie since I had seen the trailer. I have loved Harry Potter ever since I was little. When I found out that Fantastic Beasts was becoming a movie, I ran to my mom and asked her if we could go see it. We have a family tradition that every Thanksgiving we go to see a movie. We decided that we should go see Fantastic Beasts. When we were there I couldn’t wait for it to start. I was so excited! The movie was so exciting in every way!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a prequel to the Harry Potter movies and takes place in New York City in the 1920’s. Newt Scamander is the main character and he’s a magizoologist (a person that studies magical creatures) And these creatures are very Magical! He wants to make sure people know not to harm the beasts and that they aren’t responsible for the weird and bad things happening in New York.

My favorite part was when Newt saved Tina, when they were almost executed.  Kowalski is a Muggle who got caught up in the whole crazy story by accident. He was my favorite character. He was very very funny. I enjoyed this movie, and I think any Harry Potter fan will too!

Mom Notes:

As a long time Harry Potter Fan, I personally enjoyed this movie so very much. This look into the Wizarding World that JK Rowling has created is definitely a more grown up movie than the Harry Potter series was. With that said, my almost 9 year olds, and 11 year old loved it. They followed the story line easily and didn’t feel it was too scary. Although some parts were a little intense and there is some violence, I don’t think it’s anything more than the Deathly Hollows.

I would say this is age appropriate for older 9 year olds and up. If you don’t have a child old enough, don’t let that stop you from seeing this movie. I would have enjoyed it with out without my kiddos.

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