Reuse and Save!

Finally, a reusable bag program that we can take advantage of here in Birmingham. I know that Kroger has been doing this for a while and it was only a matter of time before other stores and retailers caught on to this great incentive program.

As of November first, Target and CVS will offer customers a rebate for bringing in and using their own shopping bags. Target will offer a .5 cent discount for every saved bag.

CVS will work a little different, offering only to the participating customers in the ExtraCare program. CVS customers will also need to purchase their .99 cent “green tea bag.” Then every time you shop at CVS using their bag, or no bag at all you can swipe your EC Card and for every 4 swipes receive a $1 coupon on the bottom of your receipt for your next visit.

Finally a little incentive to remember those bags… Now if only Publix would get on board, I would really be saving some dough!

2 thoughts on “Reuse and Save!

  1. Sweet! So glad it is spreading around! FYI, Whole Foods stopped offering plastic as an option last year (you can only get paper). If you bring your reusables, it's a 10c refund per bag!

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