Restaurant Review: Chipotle Grill

We’re always a fan of a good meal at a good price, at a restaurant whose staff doesn’t roll their eyes when they see kids. Well, we found another gem in our midst. Chipotle Mexican Grill in Hoover is YUMMO!

With a simple menu of basic ingredients, their motto says it all, “A few things, thousands of ways.” We couldn’t have said it better. It’s set up is equally easy keeping the ordering process sweet and simple – quintessential words to a Mommy of a toddler. Here’s how it works: Pick your style (burrito, taco, bol or salad), Start filling, pay. We can handle that on the worst of days, right?

Also, they’re very conscious of their menu items – (featured at some of their locations) their “meats are from animals that are raised naturally without hormones or antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet.” Bottom line, we love this company, we love this food. Check it out! BirminghamMommy says it’s A OK!

Oh and one more thing – the service is top notch for a quickie restaurant. We’re not joking about this one. Go see for yourself.

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