Red Mountain Theatre Presents Young Frankenstein

This fall, the Red Mountain Theatre Company (RMTC) brings Mel Brooks’ classic  “Young Frankenstein” to the stage.

“It’s dark. It’s funny. It’s full of classic Mel Brooks innuendo—the kind of smart jokes that both parents and 12-year-olds can laugh at, but the kids aren’t quite sure why it’s funny. It’s just funny,” says Creative Director Keith Cromwell.

This is Cromwell’s 11th season with RMTC. During his tenure, he says he’s seen the reputation for RMTC grow “magnificently.” All the credit, he says, goes to the  14-person staff that works tirelessly to produce 92 nights of world-class theatre each season.

The company recently wrapped its most successful production ever—“Les Mis”—selling out tickets at the Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) Dorothy Jemison  Day Theater. “After an epic, tragic, heartbreaking show like ‘Les Mis,’ I wanted to offer some humor. You know, in the wake of all the death of ‘Les Mis,’ we said: Let’s bring the audience back to life.”

Cromwell believes the show will indeed be “alive” thanks to directors Ken Zimmerman and Joey Cullinane, musical director Brian Victor, along with cast members Sam Hartley (Dr. Frankenstein), Barry Austin (Inspector Kemp), Brandon Christopher (Igor), Jillian Van Niel (Inga), Jessica Clark (Elizabeth), David Cocker (The Montster), and Tam DeBolt (Frau Blucher).

“Young Frankenstein” will be on stage at the RMTC cabaret, an intimate setting that differs vastly from the grand space of Jemison Day Theatre. That contrast excited Cromwell, who says, “I love the creativity that comes from the challenges our cabaret space presents. And I love the intimacy. The audience is right there, nearly face to face with live actors, and in live theatre, anything can happen, For ‘Young Frankenstein,’ we’ve got to lift the monster into the air—on stage with 12-foot ceilings—and electrocute him.”

This Halloween, Cromwell invites Birmingham to witness the monster come alive with Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and Frau Blucher (cue horse whinnying) at the RMTC Cabaret.

Grab a sitter and make this a date night or round up your friends for a fun night out!

“Young Frankenstein” runs October 10–November 2nd. Tickets at or The Box Office: (205) 324-2424. Showtimes: Thursday-Saturday, 7:30pm and Sat- Sunday, 2pm

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