Red Mountain Theatre Company Summer Camp 2019

Red Mountain Theatre Company offers a variety of summer camps that teach theatrical craft while providing performance opportunities for youth. Our curriculum includes, vocal, dance, and drama training and culminates in a chance to share what students have learned during the week.

“We unlock the best from the students to reach their full potential. We help them understand what raising the bar of excellence is all about. More than that, we are developing their life skills,” says RMTC’s Director of Education Bradford Forehand.

RMTC’s summer camps have become a fun and engaging yearly tradition for several students. Forehand explains, “We provide students opportunities to perform or work with amazing instructors. We work really hard to make this a second home. A lot of self-identity is found in the work and in this environment.”
The following summer camps are offered:

Broadway Bootcamp ‘19
Singing, dancing, and acting instruction taught by theatre professionals under the following classifications:

Recruit Camp

This premier camp will enhance the performance skills of all young artists through technique-based classes. Students will hone singing, acting, and dancing skills through instruction from six highly-experienced and diverse professionals.

Ages 7-18

Dates: June 3-14

Times: 9AM-4PM

Tuition: $500-Before February 1 , $575-Before April 55tr , $600-After April 5

Audition Date: March 9

Intermediate Bootcamp

Young artists looking to take their theatrical training to the next level will gain hone their skills in singing, acting, and dancing. They will gain artistry skills, increasing their ability to execute excellent technique.

Ages 9-15

Dates: June 3-21

Times: 9AM-4PM

Tuition: $1,050-Before February 1, $1,150-Before April 5, $1,200-After April 5

Advanced Bootcamp

In this elite camp, young artists train to be the best of the best. Students train for three weeks to become triple-threat performers, becoming experts in singing, dancing, and acting. They will focus their skills to learn complex and exciting production numbers straight from the Broadway stage.

Ages 13-18

Dates: June 3-21

Times: 9AM-4PM

Tuition: $1,050-Before February 1, $1,150-Before April 5, $1,200-After April 5

Audition Dates for Intermediate/Advanced: March 10

SummerBlast 19’
Fun, week-long camps in which students experience musical theatre performance. They build confidence by rehearsing a short script written specifically for RMTC, and they perform at the end of the week,

Ages 7-12

Dates/Place: June10-14 or June 17-21 at Berry Middle School
July 22-26 at The Dance Foundation

Times: 9AM-4PM

Tuition: $250-Before February 1, $275-Before April 5, $300-After April 5

Playmaking (Half Day Camps)

Imaginations will run wild as budding performers explore the wonder of creating their own short plays. Utilizing a given theme, they will develop their own characters and situations while learning basic theatre skills.

Ages 4-6

Dates/Place: June 17-21 at Berry Middle School
July 8-12 or July 22-26 at The Dance Foundation

Times: 9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM

Tuition: $140-Before February 1, $160-Before April 5, $180-After April 5

Theme Camps

By cultivating original characters, students will collaborate and explore the world of a story or situation.
Ages 7-12
Dates: July 8-12, July 15-19, or July 22-26
Times: 9AM-4PM
Tuition: $250-Before February 1, $275-Before April 5, $300-After April 5

Acting Intensive

This week-long intensive will focus training young actors for stage work. By exploring various schools of acting, students will build their acting skills for the stage. This camp is a great glimpse into the 2019-2020 season of The Actors’ Academy and culminates in a showcase in which students perform monologues and scenes.
Ages 13-18
Dates: July 8-12
Times: 9AM-4PM
Tuition: $350-Before February 1, $400-After February 1
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