Publix Shopping: A B'ham Favorite

Many of us in the Birmingham area rely on Publix. They offer a UPromise card to help rack up more money in the college account(get one now! and add the grandparents to it too!), and they seem to go out of their way to give deals to families. If you haven’t already joined their BabyClub, do it now. You get great coupons in the mail every few months. Regardless of if you’re expecting or have a toddler, the coupons come in handy. They also offer a great line of organics. You can sign up here for the free organics mailer that also comes with coupons.

One website that we love here at BirminghamMommy is Fiddledeedee. This woman is a coupon maven who knows how to save money, and shares her hard work with rest of us so we can get some great deals.

My personal Publix faves are the following:
Free cookie for the kids! So I can shop in peace!
Buy one get one deals- the BEST! You don’t have to buy 2 to get the deal either!
You can stack coupons, even on the BOGO deals
Boar’s Head deli meat, it’s the best and hard to find
Baby Club deals
Organic deals
Great coupons mailed to me… lots of $5 off $25… anyone remember the last time they spent less than $25 at the grocery store? College maybe?
Free antibiotics
Most Publix stores will match competitor’s coupons
No tipping allowed makes it less awkward to get help out
The cart variety! Regular, race car, double cart for 2 or more kids…

And then there’s this:
The NEW Preschool Pals program
It’s a great site with easy recipes for moms, science in the kitchen, and other great things for preschoolers. Check it out!

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