Project: Memory Bear

We all have baby clothes that we can’t seem to part with… maybe we’re saving them for future babies, or someone special gave them to us, or we think our grandkids might wear them one day, or junior looked so cute in it! I am personally tired of seeing a big plastic bin full of beautiful clothes just sitting in the closet. So I decided to put them to better use… and make patchwork bears for my kiddos!

There is no real rhyme or reason to this project… just wing it! Because you made it with love, out of loved clothes, for you loved baby… it shouldn’t be perfect. It should show that imperfections are actually a part of perfection.

1. I traced the outline of a teddy bear onto a paper bag and cut it out. You’ll need a front and back, so cut out 2 bears.
2. I cut 3 inch squares (depending on the size of the bear, mine is about 18″) out of the clothes and laid them out on the outline to make sure there were enough, and that there were never two of the same right next to one another.
3. With a needle and some thick thread, I started sewing the squares together. Don’t try to be a perfectionist… it’s impossible. (Sewing by hand means EXTRA love, and blisters!)
4. When you have 2 sheets of patchwork done, put them together inside out and pin in the outline of the bear. If there are any gaps or holes, just sew an extra square in.

I really think my kids will cherish this one day. And if they don’t, there’s always grandkids to shower with my homemade affections!

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