Product Review: TrueNorth Snacks

At, it’s no secret that we love healthy, natural foods. We prefer foods which we can pronounce all the ingredients and we’ve found another winner! TrueNorth Snacks from Frito Lay is a new contender in the world of natural snacking – and they are yummy! With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, they proved to be a winner for us and a picky toddler.

We tried the Peanut Clusters and the Honey Wheat Peanut Crunchies. They were both great. With only a hint of natural sweetness, they were just right in curbing my toddlers afternoon snacking without jacking her up on unnecessary sugar. With ingredients like whole wheat flour, whole oat flour, honey and sugar we are sure that you’ll feel good about throwing these in the back of the minivan. Oh wait, we don’t drive minivans.

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