Product Review: Milkscreen

We just found a neato little product to take the guesswork right out of enjoying a drink while breastfeeding. Milkscreen is a “test intended for use as a fast, highly sensitive, non-invasive method to identify the presence of alcohol in breast milk. A method of colorimetric visual observation is used to obtain a result for the level of alcohol concentrated in breast milk. Milkscreen requires no special training provided that instructions are followed correctly.” I tried it out and it was a piece of cake. You just take a test strip, dip it into expressed milk, shake off the excess and wait 2 minutes. Then compare the color change (if any) to the chart and voila! Oh and the best part – the folks at Milkscreen are offering a rebate on the 3 pack (I found it at BabiesRUs) – up to $5.99 – so what’s to lose!

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