Product Review: gogo Kidz Travelmate

gogo Kidz Travelmate, $89.00

This travelmate will make you the talk of the airport and eliminate your need for a conventional stroller. Every time I have traveled with it, people have stopped me to ask where I got it. It allows you to turn your car seat into a stroller. This is especially helpful when you get to your destination and you don’t have to use one of the rental car company’s disgusting and questionable rental car seats! It’s lightweight and easy to use. I recommend doing a practice run before you actually get to the airport. It can be daunting to have a screaming 1 year old semi-strapped into it while you curse at the screws for “not screwing!!!”

It fits most carseats, but for a complete list, click here.

Birmingham Mommy gives it 5 stars!

Happy Travels!

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