Prank Your Kids This April Fools Day

Tomorrow is April Fools Day, here are some fun easy ideas to prank your kiddos.

Minty Oreos – Replace the cream from some Oreos with white toothpaste. Mine still talk about this 2 years later!

No Suds Here – Coat a bar of soap with some clear nail polish to keep any suds from forming. Watch the confusion set it when they wash their hands or when they take their bath.

Colorful Cereal – Add a couple of drops of food coloring to the bottom of your childs cereal bowl before putting the cereal in. Once they pour the milk, they’ll think their cereal is magic.

Outgrown – Stuff some tissue in the toes of their shoes. They’ll wonder why their shoes suddenly don’t fit.

Googly Eyes – Stick googly eyes on everything in your fridge.

Nap time Swticharoo – Wait for them to go to sleep, then switch them around in each others beds, swap their lovies or other things from their rooms.

Finding Money– Super glue a coin to the ground outside.

Repackaging. Re-wrap their favorite candy.. Wrap a roll of smarties with a tootsie roll wrapper, switch the bags of cereal into the wrong box…

What types of pranks do you have planned for your littles?

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