Practical Hacks for Parents: Tips for Surviving Your Family Beach Trip

If you’ve had the “pleasure” of hauling your family and all of the endless gear to the beach, you’ll understand that any short cut you can find is like gold.

Here are some tips and tricks we’ve come across that will help make your next beach vacation with the tiny humans easy peasy. (ish)

The closer to the Sand the Better– The only thing worse than having to pack all of the gear you’ll need for your kids is having to haul it back and forth to the beach. If you can afford to, book a place on or as close to the sand as you can get. Condos over hotels if possible. A washer/dryer is a plus for drying those beach towels and swimsuits, and doing laundry if you’re there for an extended time. Having a kitchen to store bottles, baby food and snacks or to even cook is helpful in saving on eating out every single meal.

You’ll have more space for the kiddos and that’s super nice if you end up stuck in the room if the weather isn’t the best. Plus, separate rooms are great for napping children or parents who aren’t ready for lights out at 8pm. If a condo isn’t in the budget, consider a place with a Junior Suite. You’ll still have more room.

Snacks – Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks! You can never have enough Snacks when you’re at the beach. Pack them for the car ride, the poolside time and load up your beach bag or insulated cooler with Snacks.  There’s just something about the sand and salty air that make kids want to eat Snacks.

Don’t Skimp on the Beach Toys – Embrace it. Go with it, don’t try to fight it. In theory, they’ll have more to keep them busy and to share. Sharing is key when at the beach. My kids have hit the age of making friends at the pool and beach and this is a glorious thing.. Glorious, I say. The more they have to share, the better chance you have of getting to sit in your beach chair and read for 8 minutes before someone starts yelling for a Snack.

Add Baby Power and Detangler to your beach bag – Baby powder to remove sand from bodies, detangler so the sand and salty sea water don’t leave hair a painful mess.

Spray Bottle of Vinegar – Pack a small spray bottle filled with vinegar in your beach bag. If anyone gets stung by a jellyfish, vinegar takes the sting out.

Sunscreen – It goes without saying that you’ll need sunscreen, lots of it! But don’t forget the other ways you can help protect the littles from the sun. Oversized hats (that they’ll fight to take off) sunglasses (that they’ll also fight to take off) umbrellas (that they won’t stay under) are all great ways to try and keep their skin from getting burned.

Inflatable Baby Pool – This might sound strange, but hear me out.. If you’re traveling with a little that can barely walk, and definitely can’t swim. Consider bringing or buying an inexpensive, inflatable baby pool to set up next to your beach chairs. Fill it with a couple of inches of water, toss in some toys and it will be the perfect place to let the little one play in the water and will help keep them cool while under your watchful eye.

What tips or tricks can you share to help make beach trips a little easier this summer?

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