Practical Hacks for Parents: Making the Most of your Doors

Welcome to a new series we’re going to have here on occasion called, Practical Hacks for Parents.

Like you, were are always looking for ways to make the tasks that come with parenting easier, or looking for tips and tricks to help us get more organized around the house or in the car.

We’ll be sharing things we find on Pinterest, on the playground, things we learn from other Moms, or if brilliance happens to strike, we’ll be sharing some tips we actually come up with on our own.

Kicking off this first Practical Hacks Post is learning to make the most of your doors.

Last weeks extreme cold snap sent me into a hat/scarf/mitten meltdown. Our coat closet was out of control with coats too small, missing gloves, hats that the girls had outgrown, you name it. The closet was a mess.

Now, I wish I could take credit for coming up with this on my own, but when I was up in Pittsburgh visiting my BFF, last winter (it was 9 degrees) I noticed she had done this on her coat closet door.

Complete brilliance! A $7 over the door shoe organizer just rocked my world.

My girls now have a space to store everything that comes along with winter, everyone has their own pockets (the higher ones can be used for Mom and Dad.)

Bonus Hack: For smaller doors, take this one organizer and cut into two. Think about these on laundry room doors for cleaners, bathroom doors for hairbows, brushes etc.

Are you making the most of your doors?

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