Philanthropic Opportunities in the Birmingham Area

**This post appeared the week before Thanksgiving, but we thought it to be so important that it should re-post again!**

The Birmingham area is booming with opportunities to serve your fellow man in one way, or another, this holiday season. No matter how busy you are, or how much time or effort you want to give, there are opportunities waiting – and they need your help.

So, since we’re always looking around for ways that we can serve our community, we thought we’d share them here with you so that you can do the same! Donations of money, time or goods are within anyone’s reach, so don’t forget to give back this year – the reward will be great, I assure you. So, grab a girlfriend and spend some quality time out on the town in a new way!

Local organizations who need your help:

The Salvation Army

First Light Shelter

The Old Firehouse Shelter

The Jimmie Hale Mission & Jessie’s Place

The Foundry

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