Patience & Your Parenting Style

Parenting style can help you be more patient. In order to be more patient, you can also work on eliminating the things that trigger your frustration. Think about a typical day and make a list of times or situations that typically frustrate you. My list would include not listening/ignoring me, taking forever to get in/out of the car, and whining.

Now you have to look at each situation and try to find a way to avoid it. To avoid having them ignore me, I make them stop and listen- this requires me to stop and focus on them. I try not to say too much, I keep it short and sweet. Then I make them repeat what I said. Once they caught on that they will have to repeat it, they started listening better the next times.

Getting in/out of the car is a killer! They don’t have any urgency, and it’s hard to remember that no urgency is part of being a kid. I’ve made the rule in our car that you can’t talk until you’re buckled. It may sound harsh, but you’d be surprised at how fast they can move! I also think it’s a good lesson to teach them about priorities. Tell me about the fluffy unicorn AFTER you buckle.

Whining is the one that will do us all in. I haven’t yet found a way that works for us, but some suggestions have been: ignore, make a rule that you can’t hear whining, and make it a chore that will receive a sticker for no whining. Any whining tips?

One thought on “Patience & Your Parenting Style

  1. Whining is also the ONE thing that gets me. Our solution? When a child is offered, say…vanilla ice cream after dinner, and she whines and says, “Buuuuuut…I wanted CHOColaaaate ice creeeeeam…” Then she gets NONE. I just simply say, “Whining gets you nothing.” There is no battle back and forth. It just is a no if there is whining. 🙂

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