Patience: Be a Grown-Up

Our Patience Tip for this Week: Be the Grown Up….

One thing I’ve heard from other moms that I really took to heart was this: “You’re the grown-up, act like it.”

I refuse to get into a yelling match, or a tit-for-tat situation with my kids. If they throw a fit, I used to try to fix it. I’ve learned now to walk away, and let it be. I have to always be the most mature, sensible, caring person in the room because my child is watching.¬† Resorting to their level will never be effective, it will actually sabotage any efforts you’re making.

It’s hard sometimes to refrain from stomping your feet and screaming¬† like a 3 year old, how do manage to keep yourself in check and remain the grown up when dealing with your kiddos?

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